Ancient Emotion

Love is an ancient yet ever changing emotion.

What we feel remains the same

But, how we express and expect it to be keeps changing.#love#emotion#modernliterature


A good learner makes a good teacher he best teacher

And a best teacher moulds  a student into a best learner.#teacherdiaries# teacher#learner.

Praise,Grace and Raise.

When you are anxious about something and tired of waiting there is something you can do.

Just remember the last biggest miracle in your life. The biggest answered prayer of yours. And say to yourself if God could do that then he can certainly do this too.

If I could wait for that with grace and praise then I can surely do that now and wait for a raise from God.

So shake yourself

Cause Praise and Grace will get you a raise.

More gives More

The more rules you know

the more duty to abide by them

The more truths you know

The more accuracy is expected

The more love you give

The more compromises you make

The more blessings you receive

The more holy you must become

The more you are famous

The more critics you have

The more challenges you face

The more stronger you become.!!!!!